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Tampa Bay offers you cosmetic surgery by a female plastic surgeon,


Moriah R. Moffitt, M.D.

Welcome to Dr. Moriah Moffitt's cosmetic plastic surgery practice. We're glad you came to see us and we look forward to seeing you soon in person. If you're a current patient, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to fulfill your aesthetic surgery needs. If you're a new visitor, we look forward to meeting you and exploring the wonderful options available for enhancing your natural beauty through plastic surgery.

Dr. Moriah Moffitt believes that each of us has our own natural beauty. It is her desire to release our natural beauty by using plastic surgery techniques to make adjustments to what nature has given us. It is very important that you still look like you, but a revitalized and more beautiful you. Dr. Moriah Moffitt is a skilled plastic surgeon who listens to her patients, hears your desires and your hopes, and, together with you, creates a plan to achieve your goals. Plastic surgery can improve your appearance, your confidence, and your outlook on life. The doctor listens very closely to her only another woman can. Successful plastic surgery is a partnership between the doctor and the patient. We have to talk together and work together to achieve the results you desire. Communication is very important.

Dr. Moriah Moffitt brings a broad range of surgical skills to the practice of her craft. She is a highly trained plastic surgeon. You can read more about her training at Meet Dr. Moffitt. She is a careful, meticulous surgeon who pays very close attention to detail and spends a lot of time with each patient. Every patient has the right to expect the doctor to perform at her best and she does.

We invite you to review the information on this site for your education. Do not hesitate to call our office to set up an appointment with Dr. Moffitt to get a customized evaluation of your needs, so please Contact Us via telephone or email with any questions, comments, or concerns that you might have.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Moriah Moffitt, MD



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